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NEWS UPDATE - 22nd August, 2005 - New song written during latest ministry trip to New Zealand.

A prophetic prayer for revival to be birthed in the nation of New Zealand.

"God bless New Zealand" - click on link to listen or download mp3

Sheet music download - download sheet music

Whilst in prayer, I felt that God was placing a huge burden on my heart for New Zealand. The chorus for this song then came as a spontaneous song. Whilst ministering in Rhema church Whangarei, New Zealand, I was on the stage with the worship team, and all of a sudden the rest of the song came to me and I knew that we had to sing it immediately. I quickly asked for paper and a pen and wrote out the lyric and music. We then sang the song and the prescence of God filled the church and we all began to cry out for the nation of New Zealand. People wept as they interceded for the nation that they love, and all of a sudden I began to speak out how God was going to move in this nation greater than ever before (and later I found that Phil Pringle & George Pearsons had prophesied the same thing) and that God's people where to stop writing off New Zealand as a Godless nation but speaking out and thanking God for the nations wonderful Christian heritage and that there is a divine destiny and blessing on this nation. As soon as I got back to Auckland, my friend Ray Watson and I sensed the significance of the moment and did a quick demo of this song in his home studio to make it readily available. I know that it seems strange a song like this coming from an aussie, but I love the nation of New Zealand and I believe that we are linked spiritually. We have stood side by side in many wars and that ANZAC spirit is alive and well in 2005. May the words of this song capture the hearts of God's people in this great nation and help bring to pass the divine purposes of God for this land.
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