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Peter and Cristie Robertson

Create a peaceful, restful, worshipful atmosphere in your home with Christian instrumental music by Peter and Cristie Robertson. Great soothing sounds! We all know that “music soothes the savage beast” but it is also scriptural that anointed worship music has the power to greatly minister to our lives. 1 Samuel 16:25 tells of how Saul found relief from oppression when David played his harp. Elisha, when seeking a word from the Lord, asked for someone to bring him a minstrel (2 Kings 3:15) or we would say a musician. When the musician began to play, Elisha received the word from the Lord. We have had letters from all over the world with testimonies of how people have been healed from physical ailments, stress disorders, trouble sleeping etc just by allowing the music to create a peaceful atmosphere in their home, work or car. Purchase your instrumental christian music at our online shop from Peter and Cristie Robertson – Find out more About Us